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Sepak Takraw Sulsel vs Gorontalo 2011

Sepak Takraw Sulsel vs Gorontalo 2011

Thailand national team sepak takraw team event ultimately frustrate the son of Indonesiawith a score of 3-0 in the final SEA Games in Palembang XXVI, Monday.

Sepak takraw national team manager of Thailand’s son Pairoj Archarungroj after the game said the game was incredible foster children in the middle of the full supportsupporter Indonesia.

“The high confidence in the players with tactics that have been prepared by them were eventually able to win the gold medal,” he said. He explained, from the first round ofgames the team was able to lead the country Siam until eventually won 3-0. Teamworkcapabilities with tremendous energy to make them appear confident, he said.

Indonesia national team manager Usep Saparudin states, disappointed not managed to get gold, silver and only able to achieve.
“We have the strength and tactics are not much different from Thailand and even the team capable of winning some time ago,” he said.
Usep asserted, while competing in the finals before, Syamsul Hadi and his colleaguesseem unable to do anything. “His legs and their minds are not synergistic, so impressedthey lack confidence,” he said. He added, though lost to Thailand, when compared to the Asian Games and won only a bronze, men’s national team team managed to take a step forward.

Here’s one video sepak takraw pre PON 2011 in Palu of Central Sulawesi:

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